ACM In-line Mixed Flow Fans - ACM100

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ACM In-line Mixed Flow Fans - ACM100 with 100mm diameter spigots

Product Specification

These units have a separate footplate for simple location mounting, detachable spigots for simple connection to ducting. The motor body chassis now rotates to provide connection in acute spaces. The product is mounted using two straps that secure the motor chassis assembly to the footplate.

Cleaning the product has also become simple as all parts can be removed without removing the ducting.


Type ACM100  
Stock Ref. No 17104 010C  
Amps @ 240V 0.09  
MAX m³/h @ FID 220  
Watts 18  
dB(A) @ 3m 20  
Electronic Cont. W300310  
Humidity Sensor 563550  
Timespan 563519  
Flexible Ducting 10539100  
Louvre Shutter 10501100  
Termination W10554150  
Pre-filter Cass 10532100A  


Size C D E F G H Weight
100mm 97 178 124 298 96 168 120 153.5 2.4kg